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The Barris Books, which has claimed a #1 bestselling spot on Amazon, has six books total, with the first three, the Barris Books, focusing on Barris Hart, books four-six focusing on sister Bernice, the Bernice Books. The Barris Book Series follows in the footsteps of beloved classics such as “Harry Potter,” “Eragon,” and “Artemis Fowl” in bringing magic and wonder back to bookshelves.

The series, which has been picked up by media outlets, bookstores and VA schools for curriculum, comes from LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs Brandt Ricca (author) and Matt Miller (illustrator). Book one in the series (published October 5, 2021) “Barris and the Prince of Rappa,” takes place in September 1952 in New Orleans, and centers on Barris Hart, a nine-year-old transplant from Washington, DC. While Barris navigates his new life, he becomes paranoid when the new neighbors, the Longthistles, move in across the street. One night, he gets carried away into his dream universe, which is made up of different worlds. While there he encounters characters and magic, along with a spirit guide, Gracie, who will help him realize that he and the Longthistles have more in common than he thinks.

Book two in the Barris series (published February 8, 2022), "Barris and the Clown of Trell," takes place during Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras in 1953. Along with floods of tourists, the city is hosting other visitors, the patriarch of the Hart family, Papaw Leo and the Aunties. Barris' grandfather brings with him goodies for the Hart children, which is accompanied by odd behavior. Very odd behavior. Floating away into Trell one night, Barris finds himself face-to-face with a creature who must accept the next magical phase of life. Barris and Gracie navigate the problems of the creature, while ensuring that the "show must go on."

Book three in the collection (out April 19, 2022), "Barris and the Girl of Norizon," takes place during Spring Break 1953. Barris and his friends are ready to enjoy their time off from school, well everyone but Pevy. Pevy is being sent to Madame Sylvie’s Charm School for Girls due to a secret at home. Later that night Barris falls asleep back in time into Norizon, dream headquarters where all Keepers live who monitor the dreams of sleeping children. He meets the infamous Grandma Lucy and following the news of a lost Keeper, Barris learns the history of dreams, explores if what is lost can be found, and comes to the conclusion that life is about more than just ideas of what should be.

The book series emphasizes a love for and appreciation of diversity, as well as offers valuable lessons for responding to adversity. Many of the issues Barris faces are drawn from universal childhood experiences, but articulated against a fun and exciting historical backdrop.

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