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Matt Miller is a designer and artist that bounces back and forth from D.C. and Florida. For as long as he can remember, Matt has had a passion for expressing his ideas and creativity in drawings and paintings. 


His artistic background and love for interior design and architecture are the foundation for his interior design and rendering business, Perspective. 


With a soft spot for historic architecture of the American South, and gathering inspiration from his own vivid dreams, he felt he was the perfect fit for illustrating the world of the Barris Books series.

Brandt Ricca is a D.C.-based entrepreneur. Having a writing background and a family history of owning a newspaper, telling stories has always been at the forefront of Brandt’s mindset. 


Creating a narrative is a must for Brandt, who always wants to convey a message with events or imagery through his branding agency, Nora Lee by Brandt Ricca. 


Brandt was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and loves the Southern culture and creative atmosphere of New Orleans, which inspired the setting for the life of Barris Hart.

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